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Financial Reports

NETSOL Technologies Limited

Consolidated Financial Statements

Ratio Analysis

NETSOL Technologies Limited
June 30, 2021
1- Earnings Per Share
Rs. 2.13
2- Price to Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio)
3- Breakup Value Per Share
Rs. 79.07
4- Dividend Payout Ratio

Symbol Assigned by Respective Stock Exchange

Equity shares of NETSOL Technologies Limited are listed & traded for dealing as Stock Symbol “NETSOL” on following Stock Exchange and Stock Exchange website links as follows:

1 – Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited
Web link: http://www.psx.com.pk

Dissemination of Annual Audited Accounts and Notice of Annual General Meeting

The Company has placed a copy of the Notice of AGM, the Audited Annual Separate and Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended June 30, 2021 along with Auditors’ and Directors’ Reports thereon and Chairman’s Review Report on its website.

Further, in accordance with SRO 470(I)/2016 dated May 31, 2016, through which SECP has allowed companies to circulate the annual audited accounts to its members through CD/DVD/USB instead of transmitting the hard copies at their registered addresses, subject to the consent of shareholders and compliance with certain other conditions, the Company had obtained shareholder’s approval in its Annual General Meeting held on October 25, 2016. Accordingly, annual audited accounts of the Company for the year ended June 30, 2021 are being dispatched to the shareholders through CD. The shareholders may request a hard copy of annual audited accounts, which shall be provided free of cost within seven days of receipt of such request.

Further, in terms of SRO No.787(I)/2014 dated September 8, 2014, shareholders can also opt to obtain annual balance sheet and profit and loss accounts, auditors’ report and directors’ report etc., along with the Notice of the Annual General Meeting through email. For this purpose, we hereby give you the opportunity to send us your written request along with your valid email ID to provide you the same via email.

For the convenience of shareholders, a Standard Request Form (for the provision of annual audited accounts) is enclosed and also download as under:

Standard Request Form

CNIC, IBAN for E-Dividend & Zakat

a). As per Section 242 of the Companies Act 2017, in case of a Public listed company, any dividend payable in cash shall only be remitted through electronic mode directly into the bank account designated by the entitled shareholders. Therefore, through this notice, all shareholders are requested to update their bank account No. (IBAN), CNIC & details in the Central Depository System through respective participants. In case of physical shares, to provide bank account (IBAN) details to our Share Registrar, M/s Vision Consulting Ltd. Please ensure an early update of your particulars to avoid any inconvenience in future. e-Dividend mandate form is enclosed in the annual report and also download as under. In case of non-submission, all future dividend warrants may by withheld.

b). Members are requested to submit declaration (CZ-50) as per Zakat & Ushr Ordinance 1980 for zakat exemption and to advise change in address, if any.

E-Dividend Mandate Letter

Six Year Summary of Financial Highlights

Six year Summary

Corporate Briefing Session


Other Investor Information

Board of Directors

Mr. Naeem Ullah Ghauri – Chairman / Independent Director
Salim Ullah Ghauri – Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Zeshan Afzal – Independent Director
Vaseem Anvar – Independent Director
Hamna Ghauri – Non-Executive Director
Omer Shahab Ghauri – Executive Director
Anwaar Hussain – Independent Director

Chief Financial Officer

Boo-Ali Siddiqui

Company Secretary

Ms. Sehrish

Audit Committee

Anwaar Hussain – Chairman
Hamna Ghauri – Member
Vaseem Anvar – Member


H.Y.K & Co.
Chartered Accountants
321-Upper Mall, Lahore.

Share Registrar

Vision Consulting Ltd,
3-C, LDA Flats, Lawrence Road,
Phone: +92-42 36283096 & 36383097
Fax: +92-42-36312550

Legal Advisors

Corporate Law Associates
1st Floor Queen’s Centre
Shahra-e-Fatima Jinnah, Lahore