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Next Generation Solution for the Global Asset Finance and Leasing Industry

Ascent has been developed based on the latest trends and technologies to cater to the present and future needs of auto, equipment and big ticket finance and leasing companies. Designed with powerful configuration engines, Ascent provides an adaptive platform with transformational capabilities to support ease of business as well as business growth in terms of both volume and transactions.

Digital Touchpoints with Full Back-end Integration

NFS Digital allows companies to take full advantage of a robust digital ecosystem by providing digital touchpoints for partners and customers. Integration with any back-end system enables organizations to take their digital transformation to the next level.


NFS Ascent

Ascent is engineered to provide finance and leasing companies with a platform capable of adapting to business growth.

Front Office

Ascent front office applications allow for an adaptive Omni-channel experience. Approval levels and business rules can be changed according to customer requirements.

Back Office

Ascent back office applications streamline the credit contract management lifecycle from initiation to compliance and renewal along with providing automation for managing floorplanning and wholesale finance.


Our self-service portals provide a customized and personalized buying experience for customers as well as catering to service-related queries on mobile or web devices.


NFS Digital

A digital ecosystem comprising high-end digital solutions with integration across any back-end system, NFS Digital is a means to take your finance and leasing operations to the next level.

With its Omni-channel environment, NFS Digital allows for 24/7 end customer engagement, automation of day-to-day tasks, and increased profitability through cost-effective resource management.

Self-service Implementation

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